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How long does it take to #stylehaul your look? GSyndicates (GS) says, 60 minutes or less. With the right tools, you can drape and sew a new look without pulling an all-nighter. The next time you’re fashionably late, it won’t be because you had “nothing to wear.” If your wardrobe needs oxygen, STAT and you are a fan of popular fashion reality shows (and we are!), you might be tempted to take a runway challenge. GS says, go for it! What can you create in 24 hours? How about an afternoon? Here’s what you could do with the right print in sixty minutes…


GS + YOU = FABUlous this season with the right print and a few good tips: your look will be seamless from head to toe and every angle. How can fashion go from drab to fab so quickly? It’s all about the fabric; and for bold looks with time saving grace, it’s all about the prints. GS is taking the 60 minute fabu challenge to see what drama it can create in minutes. What tips make it work? Stay tuned to #FashUversity for the inside view. Do you have a little cheeta in you? If you are wild about animal prints, crazy for accessories, and or have a few (or a lot of) designer genes (or designer jeans), you’re gonna love the GS Winter/Spring  collection and GSyndicates’ FashUversity.



HM & GSyndicates Present: FashUversity

Get Your #divagree in #fashucation! #FashUversity offers free tutorials for beginners, intermediate skilled, and advanced sewing artists. Project guides are being added now to FashUversity online. Beginner projects are easy to follow and require minimal tools and basic sewing skills. Intermediate projects are more detailed, with tutorials for using commercial patterns and basic mechanical apparel construction tools. Advanced projects are exciting and adventurous with detailed, original patterns and high fashion finishing.

FashUversity is brought to you by apparel and accessory designer, GSyndicates. If you are a sewing guru or a stitching novice, you’ll enjoy learning new skills and sharping  your expertise.

Fashion Education.
Style With Purpose.

Haute Midwest Fashion University, affectionately known as #FashUversity, is an online fashion education program including sewing classes, tutorials, and mentoring in apparel and accessory design to educate and train aspiring apparel and accessory designers in the fashion design industry and sewing arts. Select projects are available for purchase at GSyndicates.biz.

#FashUversity tutorials and training are offered online and include free resources to start and build sewing projects for yourself and others. Whether you are looking to maximize your economy or add something special to a holiday gift, we hope you enjoy being creative and utilizing these free tools. Various informational and guide pages are available for beginner, intermediate skilled, and advanced sewing artists.

FashUversity sewing project guides are free for your educational and recreational use. For other use permissions, please contact the author / designer. New tutorials are added weekly.

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Photo Credits: HM Womannequin is wearing Zelda T Dress by GSyndicates. Photography by S. Renée Graham.

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