* HM Media Release

Thank you for your interest in advertising, marketing, and promotion with Haute Midwest. To submit images and video for publication, we require a media release from you and your organization. Please complete the form on this page to affirm permissions for Haute Midwest Enterprises and its businesses including but not limited to Haute Midwest Magazine to use content you submit to any HM site for marketing, journalism, and editorial, advertising, promotional, and other business purposes.

HM Media Release

PART I : Business Owner / Manager Contact Information

Please enter contact information for the owner or other primary contact person within your organization to whom requests for information should be directed from HM Team members.

PART II : Business Portfolio Information

Information in this section will become part of your business profile in the HM Fashion Network Directory (to help fashionistas find your shops and fabulous products). Your personal contact information from the previous section will not display on your business profile, portfolio, resume, or ViraStyle TV channel. However, your social network links will display and will be in public social network posts for marketing purposes. If you do not have social network pages, we recommend creating them before completing this form. Once your general portfolio is created, additional information may be specified. Be sure to complete the Featured Business Survey.

PART III : Media Release

In consideration of your potential engagement as a featured Haute Midwest Fashion Network Business and or content publisher, and for any other good and valuable consideration, you hereby grant the following rights and permissions to Haute Midwest Enterprises , its business representatives and assigns including Haute Midwest Magazine, and to those for whom HM Ent. is acting, and those acting with its authority and permission (hereinafter HM Ent.):

  • You grant the irrevocable, perpetual and unrestricted right and permission to take, use, re-use, publish, and republish your content submissions including but not limited to images, text, compilations, presentations, links, quotes, and video in whole or in part without restriction in conjunction with HM Ent.’s businesses’ purposes; and
  • You grant the irrevocable, perpetual and unrestricted right to reproduce submissions in various formats including and not limited to print, digital, HTML, XML, PHP, CSS, and other computer languages, with other variations including black and white copies or size scaling, or other photographic distortions for presentation effect, for any and all media now or hereafter known, specifically including but not limited to print, online, and television media and distribution over the internet and via email, for illustration, promotion, art, editorial, advertising, journalism, marketing, promotion, profit, trade, or any other business purpose whatsoever; and
  • You specifically consent to any digital re-composition that may seem necessary or profitable, without your additional written consent; and
  • You agree that if HM Ent. makes a profit from the direct use of your submitted content, it will provide you with a notice of sale and a 15% commission (this applies for example to photographs sold for use by larger publications).
  • You understand that the content you submit becomes the property of HM Ent. and may be used by any of its departments and subsidiaries for business purposes and may be used in advertisements to promote various for-profit and charitable causes, and in other media to promote HM Ent.; and
  • You hereby release, discharge, and agree to hold harmless HM Ent. from any liability by virtue of any use whatsoever of your content, that may occur now or in the future,  including but not limited to any claim(s) for libel or violation of any right of publicity or privacy; and
  • You hereby warrant that you are fully able to enter into this contract and are doing so in your own name on behalf of the business for which the release is completed.

PART IV : Additional Terms

This media release is not a contract or implied contract for services from HM Ent.. The information you submit will be reviewed. There is no guarantee that a review of your submission will result in marketing or promotion. There is no fee to submit this release. There is no guarantee that you will become a paid, professional in your field. You will not be paid for submitting this form, or for participating as a volunteer in any HM Ent. service or event. This form is only accepted and valid online at http://hautemidwest.com/about/submit-news/hm-media-release/ and when submitted according then current guidelines.

This form must be submitted before images, video, text, or other content will be accepted on your behalf, or on behalf of your business. Not answering or leaving blank any “required” field on this form will prevent its successful submission and HM Ent. will not receive your completed form in that case. HM Ent. is not responsible for incomplete, not-admissible forms. Once HM Ent. has received and reviewed your content submission(s), you will receive a confirmation. A subsequent notification will inform you of whether and how HM Ent. intends to use your content. Due to submission volume, an agent will only contact you if interested in using your content. Submissions will be kept on file. If a future plan warrants incorporation of your submission, you will be notified of use intent at that time.

PART V : Your Signature

Submission of this form indicates your affirmation, understanding, and acceptance of the foregoing in its entirety. Your digital signature is valid and binding when submitted.