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Haute Midwest Enterprises and Haute Midwest Magazine (HM) are proud to support Midwest fashion talent and businesses since 2013. We offer a complimentary press release and article reprint service for your fashion news and event promotion needs. We welcome fashionistas and businesses in the fashion industry to submit fashion news tips and event press releases for publication in Haute Midwest Magazine online.

NOTE: All photos, video, and any other submitted content must be approved before publication. If you would like HM to consider your business for featuring on the cover of Haute Midwest Magazine, please complete the Featured Business Survey (link pending). If you have received a confirmation of ON THE COVER and extended feature scheduling for your business, please complete the Featured Business Checklist (link pending).

Submitting Press Releases

You may submit full content press releases, or leverage our writing services to craft a professional release for your news and events. Submit or purchase press releases well in advance of event dates for better market outreach. Use the form at the bottom of this page for prompt delivery of your prepared text. HM will edit any content submissions for quality to ensure a polished release is published.

Submitting Photos and Video

You are encouraged to submit properly licensed photos and video from your events for editorial use in HM and our social network. When submitting photos and video, please include a brief description including photographer and videographer name(s), details about who appears in the images and videos, and information about  the event and location where the images and video were derived. Submit a media release allowing HM to use the photo(s). Submit media releases via our online submission form. Submit high resolution photos and video files via dropbox to Haute Midwest Enterprises.

Submitting Articles

When you submit a fully developed article, you will receive a link to your HM published article within 24 – 36 hours. If an HM Writer creates your content, please allow 5 – 7 business days in collaboration with your designated representative in order to complete your request. If you request the assistance of an HM Writer, you will receive a service invoice. When submitting an article for editorial use, describe your fashion news and or event – including who attended, any charitable causes supported, and other fashion related information such as details about designers and celebrities in attendance. HM will edit any content submissions for quality to ensure a polished article is published.

Sharing Your HM Sponsored Content

You may use your HM sponsored content to support your marketing, recruiting, communications, and related efforts. Attribution to Haute Midwest Magazine is required for any content owned by Haute Midwest. In digital reprints, please also post the link to the article at, as provided to you by HM. Your press releases also always include a link to your approved, official Website.

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We encourage you to learn and use words from the Haute Midwest #FashionForWord lexicon in your tweets about fashion news and events. We hope you have #fashionfun at your upcoming events; and remember to tweet your #stylelove @HauteMidwest to share your excitement!

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Thank you for choosing Haute Midwest Magazine online for all of your news and event publishing needs. Please use the form on this page to submit your content and contact information. To add images to your document, submit high resolution photos and video files via dropbox to Haute Midwest Enterprises.