GSyndicates: Designer Interview


How old were you when you made your first garment?

Six years old.

What did you make?

Clothes for my dolls.

Did you wear your own designs?

Yes. I started making clothes for myself when I was 9 years old.

What was your favorite among your early creations?

I  made a pair of pants.  They were striped and color blocked. They made a statement. I’m not quite sure what they said but they said it boldly. 😎

What is your favorite textile?

I like to work with leather-like and other materials that can hold a 3D shape.

Do you design accessories as well as apparel?

Yes. I have made jewelry from unconventional materials. I have also made purses/bags.

GSIA Impress Necklace (Black)
Impress Necklace by GSIA

Who inspired you to become a designer?

My Mother and Grandmother.

Do you currently work in the fashion industry?

GSIAYes. I manage an online fashion publication and design apparel and accessories for my label, GSyndicates.

What is your goal for your design career?

I want to be named among the fashion moguls of the Midwest.

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