Framing The Light

Finding your light is important in photography. It illuminates your angles and highlights all the right spaces. Finding your light can be difficult without training. With proper guidance, finding your light can take your photos from how to wow. Framing your light is a different skill. Done properly, framed light captures a mood, an ambiance that would otherwise not be visible. Finding and framing are two ways that photographers use to make a photo speak its thousand words.

March 2019

Photographer  Cover Photo Commentary

The faces in this photo (above) say so much. Each makes one wonder, what must she be thinking? In color, she appears to look toward a higher power. I would call it, God. As she seems to grow more familiar with the source of light, watch her face transform from awe to awesome joy.

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Style With Purpose.


Photo Credits: Bree is wearing Rose dress by Ra Sha. Photography by S. Renée Graham.

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